Voitek Pendrak :: faultypixel.com | Intimate Moments - the show

Bezpala Brown Gallery will be showing Voitek's work until April 20, 2016.
21 Yorkville Ave, Toronto

The smooth curves and the subtle nuances of the female body
have been an enticing subject that has captivated artists from time immemorial.
Photography, its inception, introduced a realization not present in the historic world of portraiture -
the ability to capture
a moment in time, instantaneous and breathtaking.
When photography embraces creativity, when the body is the subject to be manipulated and modeled,
photography is art.
Intimate moments presents its own shades of grey.
It takes the female body, expresses its freedom and also its capture.
Is it intended to present an evolution?  - to celebrate women's bodily freedom
- to celebrate the choice to be captured or to flow free? 
or does it exploit and embrace bondage merely cloaked in art
Should it be counter-balanced with male exposure?
Or is it solely a celebration of the female plane?
You decide.